Coding in the workplace

I have recently found myself in a bit of a burnt out state as far as coding goes. The things we are trying to do at work are inspiring, but at the same time, the technologies we are using just seem dated. I realize that most of this is just a mental hurdle. I can make any language do what I want with enough persuasion, so I try to plug forward. Tyler and I have been charged with building white label version our company’s hotel search engine. We are attempting to take an agile approach. We identified 4 main pages, so we are skipping the whole framework approach, and just charging ahead to get something out quick and dirty. In my opinion this won’t be too much of a problem, since 99.9% of the business logic shold be behind the service manager, and the UI code can be thrown out and replaced with something more powerful at a later time.

I am a little bit concerned that this might bite us in the butt, but I supported the idea, so I hope that doesn’t happen. Anyways, I made my post for the day, Have a good night.

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