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Tutorial: Review OS X Account Access Logs

Last semester I attended a bible study at my church that had two goals. The first was to make connections between the book of Jeremiah and parenting, which it did quite well. The second was to encourage more parents to … Continue reading

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Windows 7 via Bootcamp on 27″ iMac (Late 2012)

I recently endeavored to install windows on my families relatively new 27″ iMac. I have gone through that process on various MacBooks in the past, so I thought nothing much of it. Finally tonight 3 weeks after I originally set … Continue reading

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Obsessed with REST

Early in my career I discovered my first love in programming, the build processes. I have identified it as various things over the years; build tools, unit testing, continuous integration and now continuous delivery, but it will always be my … Continue reading

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Confluence Bundle for Textmate (sortof)

On and off I looked for a Textmate Bundle for Confluence with no luck. I was looking for something with basic syntax highlighting and maybe a preview view. It would be nice to have integration so I could publish from … Continue reading

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Why Defensive Programming is Rubbish

There are many ways to classify a programming style. One of the classifications I hear a lot at my current place of employment is Defensive Programming. Before I worked here I had noticed the style but I don’t think I … Continue reading

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Program to an interface not an Interface

For the longest time I have thought I was crazy, because I just didn’t see the benefit of programming to an Interface. I agreed it was good from a design perspective, but as an implementation I saw no need to … Continue reading

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EasyMock Exception when calling createMock

I admit this is probably an obscure error, but I didn’t find anyone else talking about it. So, in an effort to help some other poor sap like me out… If you receive this error in EasyMock 2.3 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.easymock.internal.RecordState.(Lorg/easymock/internal/IMocksBehavior;)V … Continue reading

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What makes a great developer?

Passion. I have come to the conclusion that, that simple word is what separates an average developer from a great developer. IQ, education, degree, books, none of that matters, these are all symptoms of passion. A passionate developer will use … Continue reading

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JRuby, Ruby gem command conflict

I would have to assume that there are plenty of developers out there that want to install JRuby and Ruby on the same machine. There is a tragic flaw with this, the gem command is the same for both. If … Continue reading

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Aptana RadRails 1.0

I have recently become frustrated with the Eclipse IDE. I use 3.2 to do my java development, Flex Builder to do Flex development and Aptana RadRails for Ruby and Rails stuff. This last week I almost cracked and purchased TextMate … Continue reading

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