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Eric Evans Presentation at JAOO

I was clicking through infoq this morning, and came across a presentation by Eric Evans on DDD. Eric wrote the book Domain Driven Design. I have not yet had the pleasure to read this book, but I will be sure … Continue reading

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Recording with multiple inputs into GarageBand

I have found that it was a lot of work to record three seperate tracks, on three seperate computers and then sync them all up afterwards for 2nd Player. So I did some research to figure out how I could … Continue reading

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Is Open Social, Open Friend?

That is the question I had to ask myself when I first saw OpenSocial. Being the owner and developer of a social site to be, TallyHoh, I am very interested in the possibility of taking advantage of a central friend … Continue reading

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When is a Tool not a Tool?

A couple weeks ago my colleague Brian LeGros published an article about Object Persistance and Architecture. It was a very good article in his series on design practices, but it made me think about some struggles I have had when … Continue reading

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Buildr Apache

Big Congrats to the Buildr team for getting accepted into the apache incubator program. I haven’t been working with Buildr as much since my team decided to go with Maven (for now) but it is a great alternative to Ant … Continue reading

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