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Tally, Tally, TallyHoh HOH!!!! …The Social RSS Reader

You have to read the title as if your are Lion-O from ThunderCats. You remember…”Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats…HO!!!!!”. The new product that Tyler and I are pushing out has nothing to do with ThunderCats, that is unless you subscribe to a … Continue reading

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ROOP (programming language)

After claiming the #1 search rank in Google for daniel roop, I decided to set my eyes on a higher prize. Some people suggested I should try to claim daniel, now aside from this being a biblical character reference, it … Continue reading

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Google Search Results

Last night was an amazing suprise for me. As I finally achieved something I have been struggling with for some time now. Getting ranked #1 when you search for daniel roop. You wouldn’t think this would be a problem, unless … Continue reading

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About Section

I know everyone who reads this blog has been wondering…Who Is Daniel Roop?. Well let that question be answered, I have finally put up an about section to my blog. It is a second draft, so we will see how … Continue reading

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Hello and weclome to Goofypoop.com my (Daniel Roop’s) Official Blog site. My intentoin is to use this to relay to everyone in the world…or atleast those who care about keeping up wiht my life… what I am doing. I will … Continue reading

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