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Tally, Tally, TallyHoh HOH!!!! …The Social RSS Reader

You have to read the title as if your are Lion-O from ThunderCats. You remember…”Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats…HO!!!!!”. The new product that Tyler and I are pushing out has nothing to do with ThunderCats, that is unless you subscribe to a … Continue reading

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ROOP (programming language)

After claiming the #1 search rank in Google for daniel roop, I decided to set my eyes on a higher prize. Some people suggested I should try to claim daniel, now aside from this being a biblical character reference, it … Continue reading

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TallyHoh Upgrade

I did more work on TallyHoh tonight. I think I have pretty much gotten through the list of changes that Tyler and I came up with a few weeks ago. What I have left is: – user contributed description – … Continue reading

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