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Java is not Statically Typed (right now)

What?!?1?!/!? That is right, I said it Java is not statically typed and by proxy is not safer than dynamic languages. Zealots HALT! We can fix this, and I intend to add some gas to the fire that people like … Continue reading

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JRuby vs Groovy

Lately at my office there has been some conversation about dynamic languages, and which one we should be investigating to replace dead languages like, ColdFusion, there I said it. Luckily one of the dynamic language junkies left to go work … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed…

Anyone who has been following my blog, probably knows that I have been working on some PoC work with Buildr at my office. Well when it came down to it, my boss and I decided that Buildr just isn’t quite … Continue reading

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Orlando User Groups

I just wanted to point out that I added my user group affiliations to the navigation panel. Anyone in the Orlando area, that is interested in Ruby probably already knows about the ORUG. The ORUG is a fairly popular user … Continue reading

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Congratulations ColdFusion!!! Maybe it is because I have not been actively following the ColdFusion until lately, or maybe they are becoming a real thriving community, but today marks a historic landmark. The invention of the cffeud tag. This tag has … Continue reading

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Java to Coldfusion HashMap

As some of you know I do web application development. The languages of choice for my current employer is coldfusion and java with some flex thrown in there for good measure. Last Friday I began experience a very odd bug … Continue reading

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