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Basic Buildr Tutorial

About a week ago now someone commented on my Buildr review post about a possible tutorial on how to use Buildr. I thought about writing something up, but then I remember that I had purchased the MacHeist Bundle a few … Continue reading

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Buildr Apache

Big Congrats to the Buildr team for getting accepted into the apache incubator program. I haven’t been working with Buildr as much since my team decided to go with Maven (for now) but it is a great alternative to Ant … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed…

Anyone who has been following my blog, probably knows that I have been working on some PoC work with Buildr at my office. Well when it came down to it, my boss and I decided that Buildr just isn’t quite … Continue reading

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Buildr Review

I should start this post off by apologizing to the Buildr folks for taking so long to write up this review. I should also point out that I am currently attempting to contribute to this project, I don’t believe that … Continue reading

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Build Tool X vs Build Tool Y

We finished our intial proof of concept work for four build tools at work. The build tools were Maven 2, Ant with Ivy, Raven and Buildr. In the next series of post I would like to give my perspective on … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Ant

A very exciting thing happened recently at my office. I was given the go ahead to do a proof of concept build process using Ruby (Sica if you are reading this calm down and enjoy your new baby!). The task … Continue reading

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