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Tally, Tally, TallyHoh HOH!!!! …The Social RSS Reader

You have to read the title as if your are Lion-O from ThunderCats. You remember…”Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats…HO!!!!!”. The new product that Tyler and I are pushing out has nothing to do with ThunderCats, that is unless you subscribe to a … Continue reading

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Open ID 2.0 and OAuth 1.0 Released

Congratulations to OpenID 2.0 and OAuth 1.0 for their official release at the internet Identity workshop. I have been following both of these projects for some time, and will probably be looking at how we can update TallyHoh to use … Continue reading

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TallyHoh OpenID

I was going through my feeds this morning on Tallyhoh and I came across Adam Fortuna’s post on Problems with OpenID?. He was discussing a post done over at Factory City a site I hadn’t seen before. His article, Problems … Continue reading

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