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Is Open Social, Open Friend?

That is the question I had to ask myself when I first saw OpenSocial. Being the owner and developer of a social site to be, TallyHoh, I am very interested in the possibility of taking advantage of a central friend … Continue reading

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Amazon MP3

In case you haven’t heard. Amazon recently expanded it’s unboxed services to include MP3 download. The important information is tracks range in price between 0.89 – 0.99. What is cool, is the popular songs are actually cheaper. The same rules … Continue reading

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DHH and Fowler on RIA

Scott Hanselman caught up with DHH and Martin Fowler at railsconf and started a discussion on RIA and where it fits into web applications. I believe in my previous article I was a little more open minded about the topic, … Continue reading

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Web 3.0: Enter the Bling

It seems that the Internet is gearing up for the next experience revolution. We all remember sites from the Web 0.5 era. These sites typically were thrown together as fan pages or small information sites about some topic. Then we … Continue reading

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Internet Prediction

Tonight I give you a peak into what I think the next level phase of the internet will be. But first I will re-cap where we currently are. 1. Almost everyone and there mother has access to the internet. 2. … Continue reading

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