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Aptana RadRails 1.0

I have recently become frustrated with the Eclipse IDE. I use 3.2 to do my java development, Flex Builder to do Flex development and Aptana RadRails for Ruby and Rails stuff. This last week I almost cracked and purchased TextMate … Continue reading

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This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend a local conference, acts_as_conference. The conference was described as an event that was focused on Ruby on Rails, but it seemed to be much more focused on Ruby, with Rails in … Continue reading

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When is a Tool not a Tool?

A couple weeks ago my colleague Brian LeGros published an article about Object Persistance and Architecture. It was a very good article in his series on design practices, but it made me think about some struggles I have had when … Continue reading

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JRuby vs Groovy

Lately at my office there has been some conversation about dynamic languages, and which one we should be investigating to replace dead languages like, ColdFusion, there I said it. Luckily one of the dynamic language junkies left to go work … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t succeed…

Anyone who has been following my blog, probably knows that I have been working on some PoC work with Buildr at my office. Well when it came down to it, my boss and I decided that Buildr just isn’t quite … Continue reading

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Syntax Sugar

I have been doing a lot of reading lately about MDSD and DSLs and I have to admit the ideas they suggest are rather seductive. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I simple mean the end goal of … Continue reading

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Banana Pudding…Yum!!!

I just want to make a quick and dirty post congratulating a co-worker of mine on the launch of his first independent project. The project is Ataraxis Pudding and it is: “Pudding is a simple visual collaboration tool. You upload … Continue reading

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Hi I’m RubyOnRails

They guys over at Rails Envy have put together some pretty funny spots in the spirit of the I’m a Mac ads that apple has been publishing. I have met these guys at my local RUG, which Greg, the RubyOnRails … Continue reading

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This weekend I found myself caught in a love/hate relationship with a certain method in rails. I love this method because it uses some sort of mind control to know exactly when to show a link and when to show … Continue reading

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Resful Resources

Over the last two weeks Tyler and I have been coding like mad men, after work to get closer to a feature complete TallyHoh beta. One of annoying things I came across when I was making the transition to Resful … Continue reading

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