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Congratulations ColdFusion!!! Maybe it is because I have not been actively following the ColdFusion until lately, or maybe they are becoming a real thriving community, but today marks a historic landmark. The invention of the cffeud tag. This tag has … Continue reading

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DHH and Fowler on RIA

Scott Hanselman caught up with DHH and Martin Fowler at railsconf and started a discussion on RIA and where it fits into web applications. I believe in my previous article I was a little more open minded about the topic, … Continue reading

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Dragon Ball, Starcraft, Team Fotress Oh MY!!!

I realize I was trying to make the focus of this blog development. Most developers however have a gaming side in them, so with the recent influx of great gaming news I felt I needed to post a few things. … Continue reading

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Hi I’m RubyOnRails

They guys over at Rails Envy have put together some pretty funny spots in the spirit of the I’m a Mac ads that apple has been publishing. I have met these guys at my local RUG, which Greg, the RubyOnRails … Continue reading

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Web 3.0: Enter the Bling

It seems that the Internet is gearing up for the next experience revolution. We all remember sites from the Web 0.5 era. These sites typically were thrown together as fan pages or small information sites about some topic. Then we … Continue reading

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