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Build Tool X vs Build Tool Y

We finished our intial proof of concept work for four build tools at work. The build tools were Maven 2, Ant with Ivy, Raven and Buildr. In the next series of post I would like to give my perspective on … Continue reading

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JUnit 4.4

A few months back I gave a presentation on testing software where I work. I believe the talk went well, and it definitely got me interested in testing, and different ideas and practices to ensure your code is working properly. … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Ant

A very exciting thing happened recently at my office. I was given the go ahead to do a proof of concept build process using Ruby (Sica if you are reading this calm down and enjoy your new baby!). The task … Continue reading

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Adogo Is Official

I have very good sources that tell me that the Adogo User Group has been accepted as the official Orlando User Group by Adobe.  And I am posting this because I wanted to scoop them on the story. In other … Continue reading

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Model Glue Flex

So I finally got a chance to play around with the alpha of Model-Glue Flex and I must say I am rather impressed. I never got a chance to use the ColdFusion version of the framwork, but Model-Glue Flex is … Continue reading

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Orlando User Groups

I just wanted to point out that I added my user group affiliations to the navigation panel. Anyone in the Orlando area, that is interested in Ruby probably already knows about the ORUG. The ORUG is a fairly popular user … Continue reading

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About Section

I know everyone who reads this blog has been wondering…Who Is Daniel Roop?. Well let that question be answered, I have finally put up an about section to my blog. It is a second draft, so we will see how … Continue reading

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