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Flex Frameworks

Recently there has been a lot of discussion at my office, and online about whether or not a framework is necessary in Flex. Before revealing my opinion I wanted to go over a few reasons why I believe frameworks are … Continue reading

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Assert Property Equality

When you start doing more thorough testing of your code you will quickly find that the existing JUnit functionatly is not always robust enough to relieve some of the tedium in testing. Let’s take for instance a simple equals method … Continue reading

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2PP Episode 4: Bungies the Chick

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy for me. Between giving presentations, at work and at usergroups, and working on the 2nd Player Podcast. Well next week should slow down considerably and I hope to put out a few … Continue reading

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JMock and AspectJ

I think it is no secret that I have become obsessed with unit testing, more specifically the mockist theory of testing. Unfortunately over the last two weeks I have come across a scenario that JMock does not allow me to … Continue reading

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ROOP (programming language)

After claiming the #1 search rank in Google for daniel roop, I decided to set my eyes on a higher prize. Some people suggested I should try to claim daniel, now aside from this being a biblical character reference, it … Continue reading

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Amazon MP3

In case you haven’t heard. Amazon recently expanded it’s unboxed services to include MP3 download. The important information is tracks range in price between 0.89 – 0.99. What is cool, is the popular songs are actually cheaper. The same rules … Continue reading

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2PP Episode 3: It’s a Wanker!

It has been out for a few days now, but the latest episode of the 2nd Player Podcast is up and ready for your listening enjoyment. I think the content in this one was the best yet, but I am … Continue reading

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