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Java is not Statically Typed (right now)

What?!?1?!/!? That is right, I said it Java is not statically typed and by proxy is not safer than dynamic languages. Zealots HALT! We can fix this, and I intend to add some gas to the fire that people like … Continue reading

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When is a Tool not a Tool?

A couple weeks ago my colleague Brian LeGros published an article about Object Persistance and Architecture. It was a very good article in his series on design practices, but it made me think about some struggles I have had when … Continue reading

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Flex Frameworks

Recently there has been a lot of discussion at my office, and online about whether or not a framework is necessary in Flex. Before revealing my opinion I wanted to go over a few reasons why I believe frameworks are … Continue reading

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2PP Episode 4: Bungies the Chick

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy for me. Between giving presentations, at work and at usergroups, and working on the 2nd Player Podcast. Well next week should slow down considerably and I hope to put out a few … Continue reading

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Model Glue Flex

So I finally got a chance to play around with the alpha of Model-Glue Flex and I must say I am rather impressed. I never got a chance to use the ColdFusion version of the framwork, but Model-Glue Flex is … Continue reading

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