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Mac OS X Java

So I got the great idea yesturday to install Coldfusion MX 7 on my Intel Mac to try out some ideas. I found out that Adobe does not currently support Coldfusion MX on the intel Mac. They do redirect you … Continue reading

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This weekend I found myself caught in a love/hate relationship with a certain method in rails. I love this method because it uses some sort of mind control to know exactly when to show a link and when to show … Continue reading

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TallyHoh OpenID

I was going through my feeds this morning on Tallyhoh and I came across Adam Fortuna’s post on Problems with OpenID?. He was discussing a post done over at Factory City a site I hadn’t seen before. His article, Problems … Continue reading

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Resful Resources

Over the last two weeks Tyler and I have been coding like mad men, after work to get closer to a feature complete TallyHoh beta. One of annoying things I came across when I was making the transition to Resful … Continue reading

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Domain Restructure Complete

Hello and welcome to the new and improved I have finished all of my shuffling as best I can tell, and now it is just time for some posting goodness. As I said in the previous post, this is … Continue reading

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Domain Restructure

I was looking at my blogs over the last few days, which didn’t take long since there are exactly two. This one, and my baby blog. I realized that this blog has been left somewhat stagnant lately, and it is … Continue reading

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