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I was looking through news on, a social news website, and a headline caught my attention. The article was about the return of Firefly. For those who don’t know Firefly was a great television show that aired on Fox for the better part of one season. From what I read, the ratings were not very good, but it was mostly because the time slot kept changing, and they didn’t air the episodes in the correct order. That being said I watched Firefly for the first time on DVD and it was excellent. Clever writing, great visuals, interesting universe, it had it all. A little over a year ago Serenity was released, which takes place a few years after the Firefly television series. It was a great movie, but the real appeal of the series, at least for me, was the short missions, not the epic battles. So I was glad to see the movie, but had no desire to see the universe move to this medium in place of television.

Now with that brief history of Firefly out of the way….

I discovered that Fox, Sony, and Multiverse have made a deal to create an MMOG, or Massivly Multiplayer Online Game. There are a ton of other acronyms for this type of game, but pretty much any of them work. I am not sold on the idea of an MMOG based on a television show that was made great on the character development, but I am not one to shoot down someone’s idea. However, after looking over Multiverse and what they do I got an idea of my own. It seems like taking out the hard programming knowledge needed to get into developing a virtual world opens up a world of possibilities. That is exactly what Multiverse is attempting to do. It is creating a portal into a virtual world that is available to anyone with an idea.

My idea is a virtual entertainment network. What does that mean? Well…We have MMOG games, which are a place for you to create characters and perform missions. And we have television and movies, where we create virtual worlds with great characters. But so far we haven’t really nailed the idea of creating interactive television or movies. Games are getting there, but I think an episodic MMOG might be just the ticket. So what I propose is a world where events take place, that you can take part in. Basically have a cast of main characters. Using Firefly as an example, lets use Mal, Shepperd, and the rest of the crew. Every week or two they log into the system and follow a basic script in a basic area of the universe. So, in the case of Firefly, let’s say each week they attempt to complete a new mission. Again the idea here is you have characters developed, and a basic script written, or at least a set of rules they are to follow. During this event, allow users to interact accordingly. So, let’s say my character in the Firefly universe is a Reaver, which is a human who has been to the edge of space and changed. Now, let’s say the mission this week is to get to some remote planet that crosses through Reaver territory. I, as a Reaver, could take my ship and attempt to intercept them. If I am successful, maybe next week is them attempting to escape. In any case, the “actors” should be recorded while they are attempting to achieve their task. Then whatever the outcome is, is compiled into an hour episode, or however long, and released as a show. I am not sure if this is a good idea, but it seems like it might be a good mash up of TV and games.

Anyways, I think that is enough rambling for me tonight…

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