Domain Restructure

I was looking at my blogs over the last few days, which didn’t take long since there are exactly two. This one, and my baby blog. I realized that this blog has been left somewhat stagnant lately, and it is probably because a lot of the content I used to post here, now lives on the baby blog. So I have decided to change the baby blog to a family blog. So instead of, it will be Regardless you will still be able to reach the blog from the portal of So what do do with I am planning on joining the ranks of my co-workers and use this blog exclusively for Industry (web development) related topics. I will post my thoughts on programming practices, frameworks I am looking into, topic points I am researching, and pretty much anything that another web developer might be interested in. I will probably leave my political commentary out, which I have thrown in the past every once in a while.

That being said, look for some changes coming down the pipe, hopefully the change will happen in the next two weeks or so. During the process I will probably be migrating some of the posts here to the family blog, and upgrading to wordpress 2.1. I am currently still running 1.5.2 on for this site.

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