Congratulations ColdFusion!!! Maybe it is because I have not been actively following the ColdFusion until lately, or maybe they are becoming a real thriving community, but today marks a historic landmark. The invention of the cffeud tag. This tag has been first seen used between an up and coming coldfusion star and the established ruling class. Below you will see example syntax:


<cfset teamLegros = "Brian LeGros" />
<cfset teamWoodaldi = "Matt Woodward,Brian Rinaldi" />

<cffeud team1="#teamLegros#" team2="#teamWoodaldi#">
    <cfpoint>cf.objective() 2007 : OO Architecture Back to Front</cfpoint>
    <cfrebuttle>Matt Woodward</cfrebuttle>

    <cfpoint>cf.objective() 2007 : Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming with ColdSpring</cfpoint>
    <cfrebuttle>Brian Rinaldi</cfrebuttle>

    <cfpoint>Sometimes a title isn’t enough</cfpoint>

Score Sheet

Based on the current state of the feud, I would say the score breaks down something like this:

1 Point (Brian LeGros):
for creating a blog, and contributing.
1 Point (Brian LeGros):
Expressing his opinion on topics he heard. Regardless of whether he is correct or not, he is stimulating the community.
1 Point (Matt Woodward):
Extending an explanation to Brian LeGros’s concerns
1000000 Point (Brian Rinaldi):
Using the 1337 word @$$ in a professional post.
1 Point (Brian LeGros):
accepting criticism from the powers that be, with an open mind, by rebutting, and not cowering away to the established way of doing things.

Final Score

So as you see after the scores are tallied you end up with this:

Team LeGros: 3 Points
Team Woodaldi: 1000001 Points

Unfortunately Team LeGros grossly under performed in this showing, but we will keep an eye on him to see how this inaugural cffued turns out.

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