Roop Says What?!

Roop said not a whole lot lately. So consider this my apologize to my literally 10s of loyal readers, and the kickoff for return to blogging. So before I give you any goodness I have a little house cleaning to do.

Public call out of a blog title stealer!
Simeon Bateman @ has changed the name of his blog from The Simfluence to Simeon says. First off great name, glad I got it from a friend at work FIRST! Second I will share, because even though he probably doesn’t know it, we have a mutual friend, Max Porges. So you better treat the [Last Name] Says banner proudly or I will come after you!
Blackberry Pearl
That is right, I joined the new millenia and got a smart phone. Prior to this I just used the freebie provided when I signed a contract, so I am pretty excited about this. I read over a lot of reviews, and let me just say, tech writers are way to critical. This phone isn’t perfect, but the pros far out way the cons. Keep in mind this is the perspective of a first time smart phone user.
2nd Player limbs along
For those who also follow my side project, we are not dead just figuring out where it fits in our life. Over the holidays we all seemed to get really busy, and one of the members got re-interested in his first project. To his credit it probably will make money so if any one is looking for a design collaboration tool then Pudding might be for you.

So there it is. I will start publishing new stuff later this week so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Roop Says What?!

  1. Simeon says:

    Hey Roop,

    I just found your site in my referrers and thought I would pop over. As for blog stealing I will have to go with the “great minds” adage. Is yours a play on the “simon says” play as well? I always thought that was funny. One of these days I am gonna prep and launch my podcast and the name will finally be truly appropriate.

    Glad you are making time to blog. Laters.

  2. Daniel Roop says:


    I will accept the great minds theory, unfortunately my mind wasn’t the one that came up with the blog title. One of my co-works comes up with …shall we call them… pet names… for every one he works with. Mine just so happened to become Roop Says. I liked it and I rant a lot so it seemed appropriate.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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