Confluence Bundle for Textmate (sortof)

On and off I looked for a Textmate Bundle for Confluence with no luck. I was looking for something with basic syntax highlighting and maybe a preview view. It would be nice to have integration so I could publish from textmate, but I wasn’t going to push my luck. I happened to stumble across this unrelated article that points out a bit of information that I never paid any mind to before.

There is wide selection of various markups, the one I like the best is the Textile markup (which is implemented by many Wiki systems, including Confluence).

I quickly went back to Textmate because I was sure it had support for a standard markup language like textile, and sure enough it was part of the default settings. I switched to it for a document I was working on, and while the syntax highlighting wasn’t great, the preview view worked.

I would still like to see a full blown confluence bundle, but it is a good temporary solution, and I hope it saves someone out there some grief in their search.

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