EVE Bounty

Alright I saw this story and I just though it was amazing. For those of you who don’t know, MMO or MMORPG, or whatever acronym you give is basically stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Game. Which in english translates to, an online game, that never ends. The game that this article talks about is an Online Space game with a player run economy, so basically anything goes. You can buy ships, build corporations, rob banks etc. You might say big deal it is only a game, who cares if they stol emy 790 Billion Isk(in game money). Well the line gets fuzzy, because you pay a montly fee to pay the game, and if this is anything like Second Life in game money can be purchased using real money and vice-versa. Which means it is not just game money being stole it is actual currency.

I personally think this type of thing should be allowed, but there should defeintly be some sort of disclaimer to players stating that events that happen in the game by other players are not moderated by the developers. These people want a completely englufing experience and I think this just adds to that expeirence.

Now not only do you have to watch your money in real life you have to watch it in your Second Life as well.

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