Resolution, Baby and Apple

First off, my resolution. I am going to attempt to update at least one of my blogs every day. Whether it be with a new picture on the baby blog, or a small blurb about my day on this blog. My reasoning for this is because I feel like it will help me remember the stuff I did that day so I can better interact with my wife.

The Baby part of the title refers to the fact that just before this post, I saw my baby kicking Jeni’s stomach and her stomach was actually moving. It was amazing, to see her stomach just bouncing and her not doing it.

Finally Apple, for those of you who don’t know, did a press conference today announcing alot of new upgrades. After letting the dust settle on my excitment my opinion is this. Great Job Apple, but I still need one more step. You need to seal the deal by adding HD content and I am in 100%. My great friend Tyler pointed out that I do not have an hdtv, so why would I want hd content. But it is simple, I will eventualy have HD tv, and at that point I will not want to re-purchase all the items I have bought on the iTunes Store. Like the people who bought the 320x versions of the tv shows. Also, I don’t think Apple will do this but if someone did it would make my conversion to apple a little more difficult but a download movie/tv netflix. I believe netflix is working on this, but I think if they made a deal with apple and there iTV which was announced today, I would be totally in. Pay $20 a month for unlimited movies, and the ones I want, purchase HD off the iTunes Store with the extra content (like directors cut, deleted sceneces). This would be a great setup, and I wish I had the political power to pull it off, but I think it will take Apple and/or netflix to make it work.

Anyways that is my rant for today, hopefully I will keep up with my little resolution.

P.S. I am thinking about starting a blog about the work life, not sure if it will happen but I think it will be (inspired by a co-worker)

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