Wii 11/19/06

First of all, WOW. For those of you who don’t know the Wii, Nintendo’s next-gen console, had a ton of announcement’s today. The two most important being the price, $250.00 US, and the date November 19, 2006. Neither one of these numbers came as too much of a suprise. I peronsally was hoping for the $200 price tag, but $250 is resonable considering it comes with a controller, nun-chuck and Wii Sports. That being said there is so much exciting news I can barely stand it. I will just highlight a few of the items I am really excited about.

This seems like a really cool idea. Basically you get to define an avatar, save it on your wiimote, and take it to your friends house and use the avatar there.

Wii Sports
The simple fact that nintendo is shipping with a game at launch is really exciting. But on top of thought I heard there was Wii Boxing, and it made me very excited because of the whole two fists motion sensing between the nun-chuk and the wiimote.

25 Games at Launch
Nintendo has got there act together on this launch. Not only are they supposed to have 6,000,000 consoles on launch date, they also have 25 launch titles, not to mention the collection of historcal games at your disposal. I have to admit I haven’t gone through all the titles yet, but one did catch my eye, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2. I have loved the Dragonball franchise since I first discovered it back on sunday mornings before I went to church with my parents. I really didn’t understand what was going on then, but later in high school I started watching again, and became obsessed with the series. Having only played two of the games in teh Budokai series I can’t claim to be an expert but everything I read about then after the first two has been very exciting. And Tenkaichi 2 looks to be no exception. On top of it being a great looking game, you can to perform the special moves with the Wiimote. How awesome would it be to have to yell out KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAA to perform the classic Goku attack.

Anyways I am very exciting about all the nintendo annoucnements, and on top of that, three days in a row with new posts. I am on the ball.

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