Dazed and Confused

Here I am at 10:00pm ish at night and I realized I almost failed my resolution on day 1. Then I sat here for another 15 minutes trying to decide what to write. Then I remember, my day was confusing. Maybe confusing isn’t the best word to describe it, but it seems like it was extremely unproductive, but I was going at a million miles per hour. It seemed like every time I started looking into one project or bug, another bug would pop up that would take priority. I am not sure if I actually acheived anything but I kept my users happy (I think).

On top of constantly switching the proverbial gear I am “mentoring” two new developers. This could be a huge distraction of its own, but I am used to this, I was the go to guy in my last office for the new guys/gals.

Long story short I just feel bad because I feel like I am not producing as quality work for my coworkers as I am capable of. Not to mentioned, I am usually pretty drained by the end of the day so my time with Jeni is weak, and work on my side projects is lacking. Although I have made a few enhancements to TallyHoh over the past couple nights.

I think I will end this rant now, because I am probably over reacting. But for any of my co-workers that may come across this. I aplogize if I have been slacking, I will attempt to put up a better effort. And to Jeni, I apologize if I always seem out of it.

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