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I know everyone who reads this blog has been wondering…Who Is Daniel Roop?. Well let that question be answered, I have finally put up an about section to my blog. It is a second draft, so we will see how I like it. I am sure when Tyler gets back from Puerto Rico he will be the grammar police and tell me everything I did wrong. Until then you have to suffer with my writing ;-).

With the about section comes a new direction for the website. Well, not really such a new direction as accepting what this blog really is to me. That acceptance is that I really need a place to express my thoughts and ideas, both in the programming world, and the real world. So I apologize to anyone who doesn’t care about my politics views, or moral convictions but from now on I will be posting a Developer’s Perspective on the world. This will include anything from Video Games, Movie Reviews, Political Opinions, Thoughts about a recent debate, and probably still a lot of programming advice. I use the word advice loosely it is really my experience I want to share, in the hopes to save someone some hard ache down the road.

I am sure I will change this direction in another two months, but seeing as how I have a readership of…me… I don’t think it will be that big of a deal.

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