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I just wanted to point out that I added my user group affiliations to the navigation panel. Anyone in the Orlando area, that is interested in Ruby probably already knows about the ORUG. The ORUG is a fairly popular user group run by some good guys, Gregg over at RailsEnvy is the leader of the group.

Now for those of you who read my blog for the ColdFusion/Adobe aspects you would be interested in the newly founded Adobe Users Group Adogo. This was started by a couple guys I work with, Adam Fortuna and Brian LeGros. They are currently in the process of getting Adobe support for the user group, but if you are interested check in to the website and let them know you are interested in the group. It seems like they have a lot of good ideas, to get good creative content at these meetings, and the focus will be anything “developer” related. This means that Flash and Photoshop will be left at the door, and the meetings will focus on technologies like Flex and ColdFusion, specifically coding practices and patterns in these languages.

Besides these two groups I follow numerous feeds, and mailing lists, and if TallyHoh ever goes live you can see all my wonderful feeds. Until then, enjoy the User Groups.

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