Alternatives to Ant

A very exciting thing happened recently at my office. I was given the go ahead to do a proof of concept build process using Ruby (Sica if you are reading this calm down and enjoy your new baby!). The task was to use two exciting projects in our repository, and build them. The first project had Java that needed to be bundled in a jar, and Flex that needed to be compiled into a Library (swc). The second project was Flex that needed to be compiled into a Flash Movie (swf) with a dependecy on the swc from the first project.

Initially I was only supposed to look into Raven, but after some intial digging I found a second project Buildr. I was pleased with what I found with both projects, and after I finish my analysis at work I hope to do a post on each in comparison to each other and existing Java projects like Ant with Ivy and Maven 2.

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