JUnit 4.4

A few months back I gave a presentation on testing software where I work. I believe the talk went well, and it definitely got me interested in testing, and different ideas and practices to ensure your code is working properly. I did all my examples using Java, and the JUnit framework, or derivatives there of. Most of the more powerful testing tools however where not part of the JUnit framework, and I am happy to see this is all changing with JUnit 4.4. It seems that the JUnit team has looked at its users and decided that new syntax sugar should be added to allow for more complete and accurate tests.

If you want to see all the neat new syntax that comes with JUnit 4.4 check out the release notes. Unfortunately I will not be able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work for some time, since it seems most of the exciting stuff like theories and assumptions require Java 1.5 or greater, and my team is stuck on Java 1.4 because of ColdFusion 7.

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