Build Tool X vs Build Tool Y

We finished our intial proof of concept work for four build tools at work. The build tools were Maven 2, Ant with Ivy, Raven and Buildr. In the next series of post I would like to give my perspective on the two tools I reviewed (Raven and Buildr) in comparison to what I know about the other two (Maven 2 and Ant with Ivy).

I would like to use this post to lay out the criteria I am judging the tools.

  • Compile java source
  • Package compiled java code into jar
  • Compile Flex Source Code into Flash Library (swc)
  • Compile Flex Source Code into Flash Application (swf)
  • Retrieve and/or Build Dependencies from Other Projects/Third Party Libraries

I plan on using these criteria as the basis for my judgement, but I will point out any extra advantages or disadvantages I see along the way.

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