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In case you haven’t heard. Amazon recently expanded it’s unboxed services to include MP3 download. The important information is tracks range in price between 0.89 – 0.99. What is cool, is the popular songs are actually cheaper. The same rules apply to the albums, popular albums are a dollar cheaper than the rest. For instance the new Kayne West album Graduation is $8.99 on Amazon MP3 and it is $9.99 on iTunes.

The other important part is the entire library is DRM free. So if you compare prices now, you are saving almost $0.50 a song if you compare a popular track on Amazon MP3 to a DRM free track on iTunes.

With all this good news, I just had to try it out and see how seemless the whole process was. First the buying experience was very similar to everything else on Amazon, that coupled with the quick download, and the automatic inclusion of the album into iTunes, I just can’t imagine a better experience. In summary the buying experience through iTunes, and Amazon are exactly the same in my opinion, one is just cheaper.

Unfortunately the Amazon catalog doesn’t seem to be quite as complete as the iTunes library. I am sure they will continue adding stuff as time passes, and competition is always good. The best thing is my iPod isn’t going to care where the music comes from, so from now I am going to search Amazon to see if they have what I am looking for, and if they don’t I will buy it on iTunes.

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