ROOP (programming language)

After claiming the #1 search rank in Google for daniel roop, I decided to set my eyes on a higher prize. Some people suggested I should try to claim daniel, now aside from this being a biblical character reference, it is a fairly popular name. So the odds of me being the most relevant “daniel” in the Google index seems like a stretch. However roop seems like a difficult milestone, but one that is achievable. I know at least within my Roop Family Tree, I am probably the most active on the internet, so it seems resonable, with my Buildr, participation in orlando users groups, staring a company, my personal family blog, and of course my great catalog of articles on this developer blog, that I am possibly a relevant Roop. Currently I cant’ find where this blog shows up in the Google search for Roop, but I did find something interesting.

The ROOP programming language! When I discovered this gem of a language, I immediately denounced all other languages and would only code in ROOP from hence forth. Unfortunately reality hit me, and I realized I had a hard enough time getting Ruby introduced into my work place, and I don’t think my business partner Tyler would have the same affinity to the language as I. So even though I don’t think I will be using the ROOP language to make myself any money, any time soon, I do think it was a nice find.

What I found most humorous about this find is what ROOP is used for, programming AI. She seems to believe that one day, I will program a robot that will take over the world, and destroy us all. One might ask them self, why would someone marry this person if they believed them to be capable of world destruction. I don’t know, and I try to convince her that I write business applications. I don’t think a hotel search engine, or a social rss reader, is going to take over the world because it’s intelligence is greater than a humans. But maybe she is just getting her signals crossed, maybe it isn’t me you have to worry about. Because ROOP was designed to be used for writing AI applications, like Prolog.

One day ROOP may dominate the world, but I don’t think this Roop will be that person. However maybe I can achieve #1 Google rank, which is really what life is all about.

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