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Obsessed with REST

Early in my career I discovered my first love in programming, the build processes. I have identified it as various things over the years; build tools, unit testing, continuous integration and now continuous delivery, but it will always be my … Continue reading

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Why Defensive Programming is Rubbish

There are many ways to classify a programming style. One of the classifications I hear a lot at my current place of employment is Defensive Programming. Before I worked here I had noticed the style but I don’t think I … Continue reading

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Program to an interface not an Interface

For the longest time I have thought I was crazy, because I just didn’t see the benefit of programming to an Interface. I agreed it was good from a design perspective, but as an implementation I saw no need to … Continue reading

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The JVM is not Java

Is this another rant?….Yes. I apologize for all the rants lately, but hopefully there is some educational value woven throughout my posts, and besides I promised this one. Lets start with a history lesson… In the beginning there was assembly, … Continue reading

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Java is not Statically Typed (right now)

What?!?1?!/!? That is right, I said it Java is not statically typed and by proxy is not safer than dynamic languages. Zealots HALT! We can fix this, and I intend to add some gas to the fire that people like … Continue reading

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Eric Evans Presentation at JAOO

I was clicking through infoq this morning, and came across a presentation by Eric Evans on DDD. Eric wrote the book Domain Driven Design. I have not yet had the pleasure to read this book, but I will be sure … Continue reading

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When is a Tool not a Tool?

A couple weeks ago my colleague Brian LeGros published an article about Object Persistance and Architecture. It was a very good article in his series on design practices, but it made me think about some struggles I have had when … Continue reading

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Flex Frameworks

Recently there has been a lot of discussion at my office, and online about whether or not a framework is necessary in Flex. Before revealing my opinion I wanted to go over a few reasons why I believe frameworks are … Continue reading

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Web 3.0: Enter the Bling

It seems that the Internet is gearing up for the next experience revolution. We all remember sites from the Web 0.5 era. These sites typically were thrown together as fan pages or small information sites about some topic. Then we … Continue reading

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Internet Prediction

Tonight I give you a peak into what I think the next level phase of the internet will be. But first I will re-cap where we currently are. 1. Almost everyone and there mother has access to the internet. 2. … Continue reading

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