Basic Buildr Tutorial

About a week ago now someone commented on my Buildr review post about a possible tutorial on how to use Buildr. I thought about writing something up, but then I remember that I had purchased the MacHeist Bundle a few weeks back and that came with Snapz Pro x. So I decided to take a stab at screen casting. It turned out to be harder than I anticipated to get a solid pass through. The final video I published was still not of the quality that I would have liked but maybe if I decide to try it again I will get better at it. The hardest thing was getting the recording to look good on the flash video sharing sites. I ended up going with Revver. Not because of the monetary aspects, although that is nice, but because it seems to produce the highest quality output. Unfortunately that wasn’t automatic. I originally recorded the screencast at my full resolution, capturing pretty much everything on my screen. That was a huge mistake, that scaled down to 640×480 for the flash version did not scale very well. Apparently video is not like picture, where the big images squash well to small images. Ultimately I ended up recording a 640×480 window of my desktop and I think the quality is acceptable for a tutorial.

Enough rambling about how hard it was to produce this, here is the final product. Please let me know what you think.

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