New Layout and Great T-Shirt

For some reason, I decided to upgrade WordPress to 2.3.3 tonight. In the process I decided my layout was a little dated, so I updated that too. As an added bonus, the RSS Widget began working, I guess it didn’t work on the old WordPress engine for some reason.

I even took the time to tweak the layout a little to include tags and categories, as well as updated the header image to be one of my own. You are looking (if you are on my site and not reading this in your rss reader) at Lake Eola at Downtown Orlando.

In completely unrelated news, I put together an Infant T-Shirt for my son at CafePress in honor of TallyHoh launching.

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3 Responses to New Layout and Great T-Shirt

  1. Brian LeGros says:

    Wow, great new look and feel. Very easy to use. I especially like the “My Tallies” section; very nice. BTW – The 404 Error needs to be changed. No one is your “tiger”, jerk.

  2. Daniel Roop says:


    You could have your very own My Tallies section if you just used TallyHoh. But instead, you choose to use the dirty Google Reader!

    Also…I didn’t realize the 404 said tiger, that is the best thing ever!

  3. aristotaly says:

    ha ha cool shirt is the high tech kid talk ….
    in my days it was “my dad can kick your dad ass”
    :) well done .

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