My First Bookmarklet for TallyHoh

One of the things Tyler and I discussed doing to make the user experience with TallyHoh a little better, was to create a bookmarklet. I had never done this before so I did a little research to see what was currently out there. I knew had an active bookmarklet community so I started there.

What I found was pretty amazing, everything from bookmarklets that simply redirected you to delicious, to full blown javascript rendered forms that allow you to tag your feeds as they are submitted. After taking all that in I decided to start with a simple redirect.

At first everything went great, unfortunately I needed to do a post, and the examples I saw didn’t suffice. So putting on my javascript hat, I came up with the idea to create a form via javascript and submit the form. I realize I am not the first to come to this conclusion, I was just excited that I thought of it. This ended up working like a charm, and what I ended up with was this.

Add Feed To TallyHoh

If you drag that link into your toolbar you will have all the power of TallyHoh at your fingertips. Well at least the ability to add feeds and subscribe to them. Basically what happens is this crafts a request to add a feed to TallyHoh, if you are logged in (via remember me) it will automatically subscribe you to the feed. If you are not logged in, it will explain that you are a chump and should log in, and allow you to subscribe at that point.

Overall I was pleased with how it turned out. My first bookmarklet went off without a hitch. Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think. Eventually this will live somewhere on TallyHoh but Tyler and I are still figuring out where.

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