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Assert Property Equality

When you start doing more thorough testing of your code you will quickly find that the existing JUnit functionatly is not always robust enough to relieve some of the tedium in testing. Let’s take for instance a simple equals method … Continue reading

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JMock and AspectJ

I think it is no secret that I have become obsessed with unit testing, more specifically the mockist theory of testing. Unfortunately over the last two weeks I have come across a scenario that JMock does not allow me to … Continue reading

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TDD By Example Reviewed

I recently got a chance to read through Test Driven Development: By Example (The Addison-Wesley Signature Series) by Kent Beck. For those who don’t know, Kent, is the person behind eXtreme Programming and TDD, along with a laundry list of … Continue reading

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JUnit 4.4

A few months back I gave a presentation on testing software where I work. I believe the talk went well, and it definitely got me interested in testing, and different ideas and practices to ensure your code is working properly. … Continue reading

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