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Language Patterns

I was researching the execution time difference between static and instance method calls today and came across an old Java forum thread about the topic. I was looking for performance information, but everyone in the thread was focusing on “good … Continue reading

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Buildr Review

I should start this post off by apologizing to the Buildr folks for taking so long to write up this review. I should also point out that I am currently attempting to contribute to this project, I don’t believe that … Continue reading

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Quoth the raven, Nevermore.

I felt this classic line from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven was appropriate to start off my review of Raven “the build tool for Java programs based on Rake and Ruby Gems”. Now that my eyes have been opened to … Continue reading

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JUnit 4.4

A few months back I gave a presentation on testing software where I work. I believe the talk went well, and it definitely got me interested in testing, and different ideas and practices to ensure your code is working properly. … Continue reading

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Mac OS X Java

So I got the great idea yesturday to install Coldfusion MX 7 on my Intel Mac to try out some ideas. I found out that Adobe does not currently support Coldfusion MX on the intel Mac. They do redirect you … Continue reading

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Java to Coldfusion HashMap

As some of you know I do web application development. The languages of choice for my current employer is coldfusion and java with some flex thrown in there for good measure. Last Friday I began experience a very odd bug … Continue reading

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